EmNN*2012: Nucleon Resonance Structure in Exclusive Electroproduction at High Photon Virtualities

August 13-15, 2012
Workshop Office PSC 404
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

Download EmNN*2012 Photo © Steffen Strauch


Monday, August 13, 2012 (Sumwalt 102)

8:30 Registration/Krispy Kreme and Coffee  
  Convener: V. Mokeev  
9:00 Welcome Ralf Gothe
9:10 Hadronic Physics at JLab (pptx) Volker Burkert
9:55 Bridging the Gap between Nuclear and High-Energy Physics (pdf) Ralf Gothe
10:35 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Jean-Marc Laget  
11:05 Current Status and Prospects for the Evaluation of gνNN* Electrocouplings from CLAS Meson Electroproduction Data (pdf) Viktor Mokeev
11:50 Deep Exclusive Single Charged-Pion Electroproduction off the Proton at CLAS (pdf) Kijun Park
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Franz Gross  
2:00 Channel Coupling in Exclusive Reactions at High Energies and High Momentum Transfers (pdf) Jean-Marc Laget
2:45 Quark-Hadron Duality: Towards Extraction of Transition Form Factors (pdf) Wally Melnitchouk
3:30 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Craig Roberts and Christian Weiss  
4:00 Small-Size Configurations and High-Q2 Resonance Production in QCD (pdf) Christian Weiss
4:45 Open Discussion Based on "QCD-Based Reaction Models for Resonance Production at High Q2"  


Tuesday, August 14, 2012 (Sumwalt 102)

8:30 Krispy Kreme and Coffee  
  Convener: Craig Roberts  
9:00 Baryon Dynamics, Wave Functions, and Spectroscopy from AdS/QCD and Light-Front Holography (pdf) Stanley Brodsky
9:45 N* Transition Form Factors in a Light-Cone Relativistic Quark Model (pptx) Inna Aznauryan & Volker Burkert
10:30 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Lothar Tiator  
11:00 Nucleon Resonance from Coupled Channel Approach for Meson Production Reactions (pdf) Toru Sato
11:45 Coupled Channel Dynamics in Λ and Σ Production (pdf) Siegfried Krewald
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Siegfried Krewald  
2:00 Dynamical Coupled-Channels Approach for Single- and Double-Pion Electroproductions: Status and Plans (pptx) Hiroyuki Kamano
2:45 Nucleon Transition Formfactors with MAID from Low to High Q2 (ppt) Lothar Tiator
3:30 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Volker Burkert  
3:45 Open Discussion Based on "Coupled Channel Methods at High Q2" (pptx)  
6:30 Reception with the Provost (Hollings Library in the Thomas Cooper Library) View EmNN*2012 Event Photos © Steffen Strauch


Wednesday, August 15, 2012 (Sumwalt 102)

8:30 Krispy Kreme and Coffee  
  Convener: Guy de Teramond  
9:00 Measurement of the Generalized Form Factors near Pion-Threshold at High Q2 (pdf) Kijun Park
9:45 Light-Cone Sum Rules for Baryon Form Factors (pdf) Vladimir Braun
10:30 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Craig Roberts  
11:00 Using the Covariant Spectator Theory to Extract N* Properties at High Q2 (pdf) Franz Gross
11:45 From Free Quarks to Hadron Form Factors (ppt) Adnan Bashir
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Stanley Brodsky  
2:00 Understanding Nucleon and Resonance Structure in Continuum QCD (pptx) Craig Roberts
2:45 Systematics of the Excitation Spectrum and Form Factors of Baryons in Holographic QCD: from Hadronic Confinement to Quark Degrees of Freedom (pdf) Guy de Teramond
3:30 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Viktor Mokeev and Ralf Gothe  
3:45 Open Discussion Based on "QCD-Based Aproaches and Models of the N* Structure" and General Open Questions and Problems  


Contact R.W. Gothe, Email: gothe@sc.edu, Phone: 803-777-9025, Office: PSC 704d, University of South Carolina, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 712 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29208.