Jeeva Anandan


B.Sc., 1970 (First Class Honors), University of Colombo;
M.S., 1973, Ph. D., 1978, University of Pittsburgh;
Postdoctoral Fellow:1978-1980, University of Maryland; 1980-1982, University of California, Berkeley; 1982-1985, Max-Planck Institute, Munich; 1985, CNRS Fellow, Paris.

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           The fundamental interactions in nature are now believed to be mediated by the gravitational and gauge fields.The unification of these fields by means of a quantum theory is, perhaps, the most important unsolved problem in theoretical physics today

           A possible approach to gaining insight into the relationship of these fields to each other and to quantum theory is to study the effect of gravity and gauge fields on quantum systems. Such an approach, being operational and physical, has the side benefit of suggesting experiments that may be performable in the laboratory to test the effect of gravity on quantum systems.

           Some of the topics in which I have done research along this line are the following: thermoelectromagnetic-gravitational effects in conductors, including superconductors, determination of the space-time geometry and gauge fields using quantum probes, formulation of a geometry appropriate for  quantum theory,a united approach to gravity and gauge fields using group elements and the study of a new geometrical phase that Y. Aharonov and I have introduced in the cyclic evolution of a quantum system, which generalizes the one found by Berry in the adiabatic limit.I am now working on Geometric Quantum Computaion with a student of mine,Shengjun Wu.


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