Nucleon Resonances: From Photoproduction to High Photon Virtualities

October 12-16, 2015
ECT* Workshop in Trento
Strada delle Tabarelle 286
I-38123 Villazzano (TN), Italy


Monday, October 12, 2015 (ECT* Villa Tambosi)

8:30 Registration  
  Convener: Ralf Gothe  
9:00 Welcome to the Workshop Ralf Gothe
9:10 Welcome to ECT* Wolfram Weise
9:20 Nucleon Resonance Physics Volker Burkert
10:00 Exciting Baryons with MAID Lothar Tiator
10:40 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Elena Santopinto  
11:10 Baryon Spectroscopy with Polarization Observables from CLAS Steffen Strauch
11:50 Updates on the Studies of N* Structure with CLAS and the Prospects with the CLAS12 Viktor Mokeev
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Viktor Mokeev  
2:00 Exclusinve Single Pion off the Proton: Results from CLAS Kijun Park
2:40 Hadron Wave Functions from Lattice QCD Vladimir Braun
3:20 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Vladimir Braun  
3:50 Amplitude Analyses at JPAC and their Prospects for γνNN* Electrocuplings Igor Danilkin
4:30 Preserving Local Gauge Invariance with t-Channel Regge Exchange Helmut Haberzettl
5:10 General Discussion: Conveners, Speakers, and all Participants Volker Burkert


Tuesday, October 13, 2015 (ECT* Villa Tambosi)

  Convener: Igor Obukhovsky  
9:20 Nucleon Structure Studies via Exclusive KY Electroproduction Dan Carman
10:00 Hunting the Resonances in p(γ,K+)Λ Reactions: (Over)Complete Measurements and Partial-Wave Analyses Jannes Nys
10:40 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Harry Lee  
11:10 Search for Hybrid Baryons Lucilla Lanza
11:50 The BoGa Amplitude Analysis Methods and its Extensions to Higher W and to Electroproduction Andrei Sarantsev
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Lothar Tiator  
2:00 Impact of γνNN* Electrocuplings at High Q2 and Preliminary Cross Sections off the Neutron Ralf Gothe
2:40 From Resonance Extraction to LQCD and N* Excitations of the Neutron Harry Lee
3:20 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Mauro Giannini  
3:40 Light-Quark Baryon Spectroscopy and Transition Form Factor within ANL-Osaka Dynamical Coupled-Channels Approach Hiroyuki Kamano, Toru Sato
4:40 Quark Models Elena Santopinto
5:20 General Discussion: Conveners, Speakers, and all Participants Dan Carman


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 (ECT* Villa Tambosi)

  Convener: David Richards  
9:20 N→N* Transition Form Factors to Excited States with Different Quantum Numbers within the DSEQCD Framework Gernot Eichmann
10:00 Progress on Formulating Bethe-Salpeter Kernels for Studying Hadron Excitations Sixue Qin
10:40 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Peter Kroll  
11:10 γνNN* Electrocuplings in Dyson-Schwinger Equations Jorge Segovia
11:50 The Roper Excitement Bruno El-Bennich
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Kyungseon Joo  
2:00 Baryons and the Borromeo (Colloquium) Craig Roberts
3:00 Progress in the Calculation of the Transition Form Factor: N→N*(1535) within a Contact Interaction Model Adnan Bashir
3:40 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Andrei Sarantsev  
4:00 The Long Way from the QCD Gauge Sector to the Pion's and Nucleon's GPDs Pepe Rodriguez-Quintero
4:40 N* Form Factors and Distribution Amplitudes in QCD Nils Offen
5:20 General Discussion: Conveners, Speakers, and all Participants Craig Roberts


Thursday, October 15, 2015 (ECT* Villa Tambosi)

  Convener: Craig Roberts  
9:20 N* Excitations in Lattice QCD from Low to High Photon Virtualities David Richards
10:00 LQCD Treatment of γπ→ππ and its Relation and Extension to N→N* Transition Form Factors Raul Briceno
10:40 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Gernot Eichmann  
11:10 Hard Electroproduction of Pions Peter Kroll
11:50 Nucleon Resonance Spectrum and Form Factors from Superconformal Quantum Mechanics in Holographic QCD Guy de Teramond
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Convener: Annalisa D'Angelo  
2:00 Nucleon Resonance Electrocouplings from Light-Front Quark Models at Q2 up to 12 GeV2 Igor Obukhovsky
2:40 A Relativistic Model for the Electromagnetic Structure of Baryons from the 3rd Resonance Region Gilberto Ramalho
3:20 Coffee Break  
  Convener: Hiroyuki Kamano  
3:50 Open Flavor Strong Decays of Baryons Hugo Garcia Tecocoatzi
4:15 Strange and Nonstrange Baryon Spectra in the Interacting Quark-Diquark Model Jacopo Ferretti
4:40 Exotic Baryons from a Heavy Meson and Nucleon Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
5:10 General Discussion: Conveners, Speakers, and all Participants David Richards


Friday, October 16, 2015 (ECT* Villa Tambosi)

  Convener: Bruno El-Bennich  
9:20 From Complete Photoproduction Reactions to Electroproduction of N* Resonances Annalisa D'Angelo
10:00 From the Gauge Sector of QCD to Hadron Phenomena Daniele Binosi
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:00 High Q2 Helicity Amplitudes in the Hypercentral Constituent Quark Model Mauro Giannini
11:40 General Discussion: Conveners, Speakers, and all Participants Annalisa D'Angelo
12:00 Lunch Break  


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