Yakir Aharonov

YAKIR AHARONOV, Distinguished Professor


1956   B.Sc., Technion, Haifa, Israel
1960   Ph.D.,  Bristol University, England

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Since the advent of quantum theory more than a half century ago its spectacular predictive success has been accompanied by a persistent unease and dissatisfaction with its interpretation. One approach to this question, which has led to conceptual progress while avoiding the pitfall of empty debate, accepts the correctness and completeness of the quantum formalism, and seeks to pose questions which forces it to reveal hitherto unsuspected content. As an example of this approach, one might mention the Aharonov- Bohm potential effect, which has been verified experimentally and has excited theoretical interest well beyond the boundaries of its  original non-relativistic context. It has also served as the starting point for a conceptual reformulation of quantum theory free of vague philosophical overtones. The "new language" which is emerging shows considerable promise of a predictive content of its own.

Professor Aharonov hosts an annual Summer Institute on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics that attracts a small number of internationally known figures in the field and also involves local faculty and graduate students. The fruits from this activity are  frequently journal publications addressing a range of subjects from the most fundamental questions in quantum mechanics to new  applications of the fundamental principles to fields covering subjects as diverse as condensed matter physics, elementary particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.




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Y. Aharonov, M. O. Scully, and B.G. Englert,
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Meaning of the Density Matrix
Y. Aharonov and J. Anandan
  presented at the International Symposium on UNCERTAIN REALITY, New Delhi,  India, Jan. 5-9, 1998

`Weighing'' a Closed System and the Time-Energy Uncertainty Principle,
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Nonlocal Aspects of a Quantum Wave
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