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High-fidelity sound reproduction, psychophysics, and auditory neurophysiology

This research investigates the physics, psychophysics, and auditory neurophysiology pertaining to high-end audio. Some results are:


Public video made for the South Carolina State Museum exhibition "Make Some Noise: The Science of Sound":

"High End Audio and the Domain of Time", M. N. Kunchur, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e4WrTORqjM


Selected publications:

"3D imaging in two‐channel stereo sound: portrayal of elevation", M. N. Kunchur, Applied Acoustics 175, 107811 (2021). pdf file

"Cable pathways between audio components can affect perceived sound quality", M. N. Kunchur, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 69, 398409 (2021). pdf file  (also please see the paper's official AES Forum)

"An electrical study of single-ended analog interconnect cables", M. N. Kunchur, IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering 16, 4053 (2021). pdf file

"Pseudoscience in audio", M. N. Kunchur Clarification of misconceptions expressed on Youtube by Audio Science Review, September 2022). pdf file

"Temporal resolution of hearing probed by bandwidth restriction", M. N. Kunchur, Acta Acustica 94, 594603 (2008). pdf file

"Audibility of temporal smearing and time misalignment of acoustic signals", M. N. Kunchur, Technical Acoustics, 17 (2007). pdf file

"Temporal aspects of musical sounds and their reproduction", M. N. Kunchur, forthcoming invited review article to be published in Physics News magazine (2023).  PDF will be posted here when completed.

"The human auditory system and audio", M. N. Kunchur, review article in preparation (expected completion: 2023). PDF will be posted here when completed.

"High-end audio -- a scientific perspective", M. N. Kunchur, forthcoming book (expected completion: 2025). Information will be posted here when completed.


Related publications:

Article  explaining simple methods for measuring reverberation and other room acoustical parameters, by Caitlin R. Kunchur, OJAppS vol 9, 601 (2019). pdf file

Article in popular HiFi magazine summarizing principal results and implications of above papers , by George Foster, HIFICRITIC Vol3/No2  pg.7 (2009). pdf file

Music in the Human Experience: An Introduction to Music Psychology, by Donald A. Hodges and David C. Sebald, pg.96, Ch. 6 (2010). pdf file



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