SCHC 390-May08: Study Abroad,

Nuclear Reactor Physics and Nuclear Reactor Lab

Instructor: R.W. Gothe - Phone: 777-9025 - Office: PSC 704d - Email:

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Lecture Course

In the lectures we will cover Liquid Drop Model, nuclear stability, α-, β-, γ-decays, spontaneous and induced nuclear fission, radiation safety and dosimetry, reactor physics and terminology, reactor operation, and reactor administration.

Laboratory Course

In the lab sessions we will cover reactor check list, continuous and pulsed reactor operation, Cadmium experiment , neutron activation analysis, neutron flux measurement, delayed neutron analysis, and Osmium experiment.


We will have the opportunity to visit MAMI, GSI, Trier, Burg Elz, ZDF, Limes, and Mainz.

R.W. Gothe, Email:
or visit me in my office PSC 704d.