Image of R. Petti

Roberto Petti

Associate Professor

PSC 601
Physics and Astronomy
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208
(803) 777-6830


  • PhD in Particle Physics, Pavia University (1998)
  • Laurea in Physics, Pavia University (1994)

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  • P. Astier et al. [NOMAD collaboration], 'Final NOMAD results onν_μ→ν_τ and ν_e→ν_τ oscillations including a new search for _ appearance using hadronic decays.', Nucl. Phys. B611 (2001) 3-39, hep-ex/0106102.
  • S.A. Kulain and R. Petti, 'Global Study of Nuclear Structure Functions', Nucl. Phys. A. 765 (2006) 126-187, hep-ph/0412425.
  • S. Kulagin and R. Petti, Neutrino inelastic scattering off nuclei.', Phys. Rev. D76 (2007) 094023, hep-ph/0703033.
  • S. Alekin, S.A. Kulagin, R. Petti, 'Determination of Strange Sea Distributions from Neutrino-Nucleon Deep Inelastic Scattering', Physics Letters B 675 (2009) 433-440, arXiv:0812.4448 [hep-ph].
  • S.R. Mishra, R. Petti and C. Rosenfeld - 'A High Resolution Neutrino Experiment in a Magnetic Field for Project-X at Fermilab', PoS SISSA (Nufact08) 069 (2008), Letter of Intent submitted to Fermilab on February 2008 link
  • S. Alekhin, S.A. Kulagin and R. Petti, 'Modeling Lepton-Nucleon Inelastic Scattering from High to Low Momentum Transfer', AIP Conf. Proc. 967 (2007) 215-224, arXiv:0710.0124 [hep-ph]
  • S.A. Kulagin and R. Petti, 'Structure Functions for Light Nuclei', Phys. Rev. C 82 (2010) 054614, arXiv:1004.3062 [hep-ph]
  • C. Adams et al. [LBNE collaboration], 'Scientific Opportunities with the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment', FERMILAB-CONF-13-300, BNL-101354-2013-JA, BNL-101354-2013-JA, arXiv:1307.7335 [hep-ex]
  • O. Samoylov, R. Petti et al [NOMAD collaboration], 'A Precision Measurement of Charm Dimuon Production in Neutrino Interactions from the NOMAD Experiment", Nucl. Phys. B 876 (2013) pp. 1-37, arXiv:1308.4750 [hep-ex]