Image of Ronald D. Edge

Ronald D. Edge

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Room 402D
Physics and Astronomy
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208
(803) 777-5082

Research Interests

Neutron diffraction provides crystalline magnetic structure which cannot be found using X-rays. We are employing the facilities of the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study the sub-microscopic magnetic structure of stainless steel alloys. this includes spin glass paramagnetic-antiferromagnetic transitions at low temperatures. We are also investigating Ferroelectric single crystals using the Intense Pulsed Neutron Sources at Argonne National Laboratory.

Selected Publications

  • "Low Temperature Phase and Magnetic Interactions in F. C. C. FeCrNi Alloys, " C. Almasan, T. Datta, R. D. Edge, E. R. Jones, J. W. Cable and H. M. Ledbetter, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 80, 329 (1989).
  • "Polarization of KDP-Isomorph Ferroelectrics, " V. Homer and R. D. Edge, Proceedings of the Boston Meeting of the Materials Research Society, 28 Nov. (1989).
  • "Spin Glass Behavior in a Single Crystal of Chromite, " K. Severance R. D. Edge, W. E. Sharp, American Mineralogist 78, 724 (1993).