Image of S. Crittenden

Scott R. Crittenden

Assistant Professor

Sumwalt 116
Physics and Astronomy
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208
(803) 777-7607


  • Ph.D. Physics, Purdue University (2004)
  • B.S. Mathematics, University of Nevada, Reno (1997)

Research Interests

  • Biophysics
    • Single bacterium-level measurements
      • single degree-of-freedom bacterial evolution
      • bionanowires/bionanoelectronics
      • etc.
    • Physics of Life (generalized biology/complex systems/non-equilibrium thermodynamics/information)
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
    • Nonlinear cantilever dynamics
      • meaning of harmonics
      • alternate avenues to tip-sample interaction potentials
    • New measurements
      • measure everything in-fluid that can be measured ex-fluid
      • multi-probe experiments (material properties, manipulation, etc.)
      • nanoprobe chemistry
  • Alternative Energy: Microbial Fuel Cells

Selected Publications

  • Effect of Electron Mediators on Current Generation and Cellulose Fermentation in a Microbial Fuel Cell, C. Sund, S. McMasters, S. Crittenden, L. Harrell, J. Sumner, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, in press.
  • Mediating Electron Transfer from Bacteria to a Gold Electrode via a Self-Assembled Monolayer, S. Crittenden, C. Sund, J. Sumner, Lanqmuir 22(2006), 9473
  • Probing Attractive Forces at the Nanoscale Using Higher Harmonic Dynamic Force Microscopy, S. Crittenden, A. Rman, and R. Reifenberger, Phys. Rev. B 72(2005), 235422
  • Soft Lithography Based Micron-scale Electrophoretic Patterning of Purple Membrane, S. Crittenden, J. Hillebrecht, D. Inerowicz, F. regnier, R. Birge, and R. Reifenberger, J. Micromech. Microeng. 15(2005),1494-1497