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University of South Carolina,                                    e-mail:   yar[...]physics.sc.edu
Department of Physics and Astronomy,                      tel.        (803)337-6059712
712 Main St. Columbia SC 29208                               fax        (803)777-3065

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Research in theoretical condensed matter physics in the area of magnetism, spin-polarized currents, magnetization dynamics and spin transport. Our current focus is on magnetic dynamics induced by the spin-transfer torque. On the side of fundamental physics this work is aimed at finding solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in the presence of spin currents and obtaining a physical understanding of the new current-induced excitations. On the applied side, our results are helping to engineer novel devices for computer memory hardware.

Graduate students: 
   Shu Yan (syan[...]physics.sc.edu
   Zhelin Sun (zsun[...]physics.sc.edu)

Former group members
    Phillip Keck (undergraduate, summer 2010)
    Jason Anderson (undergraduate, summer 2010)
    Dong Xue (MS Thesis 2010)
    Revaz Ramazashvili (postdoc 2009, now a researcher at CNRS France)
    Inti Sodemann (
MS Thesis 2009, now a graduate student at UT Austin)


Graduate problem competition Solve problems, compete for prizes, prepare for exams
Spring 2011                  Statistical physics (PHYS 706)
Fall 2010                      
Introduction to biophysics (PHYS 521)
Spring 2010                 
Classic experiments in physics (PHYS 309)
Fall 2009                      
Classical mechanics (PHYS 701)
Spring 2009                 
Statistical physics (PHYS 706)
Fall 2008                      Classical mechanics (PHYS 701)
Spring 2008                  Statistical physics (PHYS 706)
Fall 2007                      Introduction to physics (PHYS 201)

Remote Collaboration project. Supported by the NSF CAREER grant DMR














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