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Fall Semester 2015

Schedule for Fall Semester 2015.

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Presentation Schedule for Fall Semester 2015.

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Physics and the Visual Arts, a three-credit course in light, color, and vision, and its one-credit laboratory are being offered for Fall 2011. The course incorporates a multi-media presentation of the content along with a well-organized hands-on laboratory component. It is mandatory that all students taking the course enroll in both PHYS 153 and PHYS 153L. Physics and the Visual Arts includes many topics that usually are not covered in most general physics courses such as PHYS 201-202 at the University of South Carolina. Topics covered include the basic properties of light, geometrical optics of reflections and refractions, mirrors and lenses, cameras and photography, the eye and vision, image processing in the eye, depth perception and three-dimensional imaging, color production and color perception, color photography and video, digital photography, wave optics, polarization, and holography.

Homework will be required and will be submitted via the Internet on a regular schedule. Laboratory reports will be submitted electronically, also. There will be one mid-term test and a comprehensive final exam. Both the mid-term and the final will be in a multiple-choice format and will be administered electronically. Further details may be found in the syllabus.

Materials in the Lab kits.
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Notes for Lab 9.

Here are some interesting web links that you may find useful.
You will find lots of interesting things at How Stuff Works. It is not always the best technical information, but it is close enough to give you insight about lots of things.
Another good physics site is U. of Colorado Physics. There are many good explanations of physical phenomena here.

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