Milind N. Kunchur, Professor of Physics
Governor's Distinguished Professor
Michael J. Mungo Distinguished Professor
Office on Columbia campus: PSC Bldg. room 303

Mailing address:
USC Department of Physics and Astronomy
712 Main St., PSC 404, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803 777 1907, FAX: 803 777 3065
Internet homepage:
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Honors, news, and miscellaneous
CASE and Carnegie Foundation 'U.S. Professors of the Year' Award (South Carolina winner)
Governor's Distinguished Professor and South Carolina Professor of the Year (state’s highest honor for academia)
Michael J. Mungo Distinguished Professor of the Year (the university’s most prestigious award)
Michael A. Hill Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year Award
George Pegram Medal for Excellence in Physics Education in the Southeast U.S. 
Fellow of the American Physical Society (supporting paragraph for citation)
Russell Award for Research in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Martin-Marietta Publication and Technical Achievement Award
Ralph E. Powe
Research Award
Advisory Board Member of Physica C Journal (Physica C)
National Science Foundation Panel
Strategic Research Panel for the U.S. Department of Energy

High-Resolution Audio panel for the
Audio Engineering Society Convention in London, U.K.

Recent Invited Talks at International Conferences:
"Collaborative Conference on Materials Research",  Incheon-Seoul, South Korea
International Conference on Superconductivity for Energy", Paestum, Italy
"NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Nanotechnology" in Yalta, Ukraine
"The 57th Annual Department of Atomic Energy – Solid State Physics Symposium" in Mumbai, India
"The 128th Audio Engineering Society Convention" in London, U.K.
International Conference on Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity", Tsukuba, Japan.

Research activities

High-fidelity sound reproduction, psychophysics, and auditory neurophysiology       <<Download publications>>
One of interests lies at the intersection of psychophysics and auditory neurophysiology as it pertains to high-end audio. Our psychoacoustic experiments proved that humans can discern timing alterations on a 5 microsecond time scale, regardless of the highest frequency they can hear. Other work has examined the effectiveness and fallibility of blind testing protocols in the context of how the brain manages auditory short-term memory. This was able to bridge the disparity between audiophiles reports and published formal research, and prove that audio cables do influence sound quality. The downloadable articles provide further information.

Superconductivity and nano-structured materials    <<Laboratory facilities>>  <<Publications>>
In an other area, our group investigates phenomena in superconducting nanowires and thin films, as well as other condensed-matter systems, at ultra-short time scales and under extreme conditions of current density, electric field and dissipation levels. This has led to the discovery of several new regimes and effects --such as the flux-creep memory effect, hot-electron vortex instability, flux-flow “Gunn” effect, and quenched vortex motion -- and has confirmed predicted regimes such as free flux flow and ballistic supercurrent acceleration. 

Teaching activities

Recent class climate evaluation

Seminar training courses: Physics 441 (for undergrads) and Physics 730 (for grads) (has guidelines for giving talks)
General Physics I: Physics 201
General Physics II: Physics 202
Principles of Physics II: Physics 207

Essentials of Physics I: Physics 211
Essentials of Physics II: Physics 212
Solid State Physics: Physics 512
Classic Experiments in Physics: Physics 309
Musical Acoustics: Physics 155   -->   audio-and-video-wave-files-of-demos
Films: Physics 750A                                                     

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