511-S13 Nuclear Physics:

An Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics

Instructor: R.W. Gothe - Phone: 777-9025 - Office: PSC 704d - Email: gothe@sc.edu

What? When? Where?
Lecture T+TH 12:30-1:50 PSC 106
Laboratory T 3:15-6:15 NGB
Office Hours T+TH 2:00-3:00 PSC 704d


Particles and Nuclei: An Introduction to the Physical Concepts (Mandatory), Povh and Rith, Springer Verlag, ISBN: 3540793674, 6th Edition (2008), or 3rd Edition (2002), or 4th Edition (2004), or 5th Edition (2006).
Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments, W.R. Leo, Springer Verlag, ISBN: 0387572805, 2nd Edition (1994) or any other Edition.
Subatomic Physics, Frauenfelder and Henley, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0138594309, 2nd Edition (1991) or any other Edition.


There will be 9 to 10 homework assignments, typically on Tuesdays, with extra problems for graduate students. The deadline for submission is typically the following Tuesday. For homework sets, changes and updates go to Homework. Relevance: 100 points and 20% of your course score.

Reading Assignments and Quizzes

The chapters covered in class should be read prior to the lecture. 2 to 6 short quizzes will be given at any time. They are intended to help keep your reading up to date. Each quiz comprises questions of the recent lectures and the reading assignment. For reading assignments, changes and updates go to Homework. Your average quiz grade and your participation in class will count towards 10% of your course score.


Two tests will be given during lecture time. The tests will comprise conceptual and problem solving questions. Relevance: Each 100 points and 20% of your course score.
Dates: 2/19 Tuesday and 3/28 Thursday.


Oral presentations of your reading assignments during the lectures (two for graduate and one for undergraduate students). Relevance: 10% of your course score.

Lab Reports

Keeping a logbook of your laboratory work including short write-ups is required. Relevance: 15% of your course score.

Final Exam

The final exam is comprehensive and will include all material covered during the semester (lecture and laboratory). All students must take the final exam. Relevance: 100 points and 25% of your course score.
Date: 4/30 Tuesday at 10 am (Recitation: 4/26; Friday at 12 pm, PSC 702g).

Grading Formula

Course Score = 0.2*H+0.1*RQ+0.2*(T1+T2)/2+0.1*P+0.15*L+0.25*F

Lecture and laboratory attendance is mandatory. Unexcused absence is not allowed and will lower your class participation score.

University Policies and Procedures

The following examples are consistent with the policies and procedures related to teaching from a variety of USC documents.

Attendance Policy Course attendance is mandatory. Unexcused absence is not allowed and will lower your course score, see USC's Attendance Policy . Absence from more than 10% of the scheduled class sessions will lead to a grade reduction of the same magnitude.

Academic Integrity The University of South Carolina has clearly articulated its policies governing academic integrity and students are encouraged to carefully review the policy on the Honor Code in the Carolina Community. Any deviation from these expectations will result in academic penalties as well as disciplinary action. The area of greatest potential risk for inadvertent academic dishonesty is plagiarism. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, paraphrasing or direct quotation of the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement.

Accommodating Disabilities Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in this class, contact the Office of Student Disability Services: 777-6142, TDD 777-6744, email sasds@mailbox.sc.edu, or stop by LeConte College Room 112A. All accommodations must be approved through the Office of Student Disability Services.

R.W. Gothe, Email: gothe@sc.edu
or visit me in my office PSC 704d.