Physics 212H-F22: Essentials of Physics II

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Lecture Course

In this course the essentials of electromagnetism will be introduced based on the underlying principles, the essentials of classical mechanics, and calculus I/II. The lectures on electric charges, electric fields, and electric circuits as well as the generation of magnetic fields will lead us to Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic oscillations and will deepen your knowledge of the fundamental principles and symmetries of nature. Analogies and microscopic pictures will bring us to the onset of quantum physics and will help you to understand how nature works.

Learning outcomes: This course focuses less on short-term skills of how to solve typical one-step physics problems and more on long-term understanding of the essentials of physics. It intends to arouse your curiosity, to empower you to explain physics, and to strengthen your problem-solving skills through analytical studies based on fundamental principles and not by ready-to-use and ready-to-forget formulae. Upon successful completion of this course, you should have learned how hard work in physics can turn into utter fascination, and you will have gained knowledge of all essential electromagnetic phenomena, and many of their applications, from charges and fields to oscillations and waves.

Whenever you are not on track and cannot digest what we have done you should ask me, discuss with your peers, and Look inside the Book! You may also visit the Student Sucess Center and/or arrange for Peer Tutoring also offered for our course through the Student Success Center, call 803-777-1000 or email with additional questions.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in PHYS 211 and MATH 142.

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or visit me in my office PSC 704d.