Monique christine aller

Postdoctoral fellow

department of physics & astronomy

University of south carolina


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Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of South Carolina

Jones Physical Science Center Rm 507

712 Main Street

Columbia, South Carolina, 29208, USA


(803) 576-6066



brief curriculum vitae

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2007 -PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

2001 -M.S. in Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

1999 -B.A. cum laude, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, USA


Sept. 2010 - present       Postdoctoral Researcher, University of South Carolina, USA

Oct. 2007 - Sept. 2010    Postdoctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Sept. 1999 - Aug. 2007   Graduate Student Research Assistant/ Instructor, U. Michigan, USA

Summer 1998                 Summer Research Assistant (REU), NAIC, Arecibo Observatory, USA

  1. Characterizing Extragalactic Dust Properties

  2. Silicate Dust Properties in Quasar Absorption Systems

  3. Probing Dust Properties Using Overlapping Galaxy Pairs in the Local Universe

  1. Extragalactic Star-Formation (SF) Processes

  2. Star-Formation in Polar Ring Galaxies: Evidence for Stochastic SF Stimulation Mechanisms?

  1. Galaxy Evolution

  2. Morphological/Structural Evolution of Galaxies

  3. Evidence for Star-Formation in Structurally Early-Type Galaxies

  1. Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs)

  2. Dynamical Determinations of SMBH Masses in the Local Universe

  3. Determination of the Cosmic (Mass) Distribution of SMBHs

  4. Relationships Between SMBHs and Their Host Galaxies

  5. Co-Evolution of SMBHs and Their Host Galaxies

research interests & projects

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SELECTED publications

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Interstellar Silicate Dust in the z=0.89 Absorber Towards PKS 1830-211: Crystalline Silicates at High Redshift?

Aller, M.C., Kulkarni, V.P., York, D.G., Vladilo, G., Welty, D.E., & Som, D. 2011, ApJ submitted (current draft link)

Evidence for Shocks as the Origin of Gamma-Ray Flares in Blazars

Aller, M.F., Hughes, P.A., Aller, H.D., ... , Aller, M.C. Proceedings of 2011 Fermi Symposium, Roma., May. 9-12, eConf C110509

The bolometric output and host-galaxy properties of obscured AGN in the XMM-COSMOS survey

Lusso, E., Comastri, A., Vignali, C., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2011 A&A, 534, A110

Black hole accretion and host galaxies of obscured quasars in XMM-COSMOS

Mainieri, V., Bongiorno, A., Merloni, A., Aller, M., et al. 2011, A&A accepted

Bars in early- and late-type discs in COSMOS

Cameron, E., Carollo, C. M., Oesch, P., Aller, M. C., et al. 2010 MNRAS, 409, 346

The Buildup of the Hubble Sequence in the Cosmos Field

Oesch, P. A., Carollo, C. M., Feldmann, R., ...,  Aller, M.C., et al. 2010, ApJ, 714, L47

Ultraluminous X-ray sources out to z ~ 0.3 in the COSMOS field

Mainieri, V., Vignali, C., Merloni, A, ...,  Aller, M., et al. 2010, A&A, 514, A85

The M-σ and M-L Relations in Galactic Bulges, and Determinations of Their Intrinsic Scatter

Gültekin, K., Richstone, D.O., Gebhardt, K., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2009, ApJ, 698, 198

A Quintet of Black Hole Mass Determinations

Gültekin, K., Richstone, D.O., Gebhardt, K., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2009, ApJ, 695, 1577

A Stellar Dynamical Measurement of the Black Hole Mass in the Maser Galaxy NGC 4258

Siopis, C., Gebhardt, K., Lauer, T.R., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2009, ApJ, 693, 946

The Black Hole Mass and Extreme Orbital Structure in NGC 1399

Gebhardt, K., Lauer, T.R., Pinkney, J., ..., Aller, M., et al., 2007, ApJ, 671, 1321

Host Galaxy Bulge Predictors of Supermassive Black Hole Mass

Aller, M. C., & Richstone, D. O. 2007, ApJ, 665, 120

The Centers of Early-Type Galaxies with Hubble Space Telescope. VI. Bimodal Central Surface Brightness Profiles

Lauer, T.R., Gebhardt, K., Faber, S.M., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2007, ApJ 664, 226

The Masses of Nuclear Black Holes in Luminous Elliptical Galaxies and Implications for the Space Density of the Most Massive Black Holes

Lauer, T.R., Faber, S.M., Richstone, D., ..., Aller, M.C., et al,  2007, ApJ, 662, 808

The Centers of Early-Type Galaxies with Hubble Space Telescope. V. New WFPC2 Photometry

Lauer, T.R., Faber, S.M., Gebhardt, K., ..., Aller, M.C., et al. 2005, AJ, 129, 2138

The Cosmic Density of Massive Black Holes from Galaxy Velocity Dispersions

Aller, M. C., &  Richstone, D. 2002, AJ, 124, 3035

An HI Search for the Host Galaxies of 27 Radio-loud AGN at z~2.3

Ghosh, T., Davis, M. M., Salter, C. J., & Aller, M. C. 2002, IAUS, 199, 127

Radio to γ-ray observations of 3C 454.3:1993-1995

Aller, M.F., Marscher, A.P., Hartman, R.C., Aller, H.D., Aller, M.C., et al. 1997, AIPC, 410, 1423

SELECTED conferences

Paris, France June-July 2011

Conference: From Dust to Galaxies

Contributed poster: “Mapping Extragalactic Dust with Multi-Wavelength Imaging of Backlit Galaxy Pairs”

Orangeburg, S.C., USA March 2011

Conference: 2011 Meeting of Astronomers in South Carolina

Contributed talk: “Probing the Composition of Interstellar Dust at z=0.9”

Charleston, S.C., USA October 2010

Conference: South-Atlantic Coast Section of the AAPT

Contributed talk: “Probing the Composition of Interstellar Dust Over the Past 7 Gyr”

Washington D.C., USA January 2010

Conference: 215th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Contributed talk: “Star Formation in COSMOS Early-Type Galaxies With and Without a Disk”

Paris, France June 2008

Conference: COSMOS Science Meeting

Contributed talk: “The Formation of Massive Galaxies in Dense and Low Density Environments”

Leiden, Netherlands July 2006

Workshop: “Galactic Nuclei Workshop”

Contributed talk: “Host Galaxy Bulge Predictors of Supermassive Black Hole Mass”

Washington D.C., USA January 2006

Conference: 207th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Contributed talk: “The Relationship Between SMBH Mass and Gravitational Potential Energy”

Washington D.C., USA January 2002

Conference: 199th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Contributed talk: “The Black Hole Mass Density from Velocity Dispersions”

Boulder, Colorado, USA January 1999

Conference: URSI National Radio Science Meeting

Contributed talk: “Excision of Radio Interference from Observations of Hydrogen Absorption Lines from Highly Redshifted Quasars”

RECENT Accepted proposals

HST proposal (Cycle 19): Sub-damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers at z < 0.6: An Unexplored Terrain in the Quest for Cosmic Metals

P.I. V.P. Kulkarni

Co-Is: York, D.G., Meiring, J., Som, D., Lauroesch, J.T., Peroux, C., Khare, P., Aller, M.C.

Spitzer proposal (Cycle 8): Rings of Fire: A Spitzer IRAC Study of Polar Ring Galaxies

P.I. V.P. Kulkarni

Co-Is: Aller, M.C., Higdon, S.J.U., Higdon, J.L.